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February 2017



How to choose great hiking boots?

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There are many kinds of hiking boots, varied in forms, styles, and functions. People use each kind for different purposes. In common, they have the same structure and fundamental parts. The only difference among them is their characteristics.

In order to choose your best-hiking boots, there are some important things you need to take note. They can be the great tips not only when choosing hiking boots, but it is also suitable for purchasing other ordinary ones.

1. Waterproof

One possible way for checking whether your pair of shoes is the waterproof one or not is looking at its tongues (the pads covering the foot in the middle of two places). If it does not closely link to the vamp, these shoes are definitely not the water-resistant ones.

In contrast, people may likely use the special technology to make them waterproof. This design is a requirement of these shoes. It aims at preventing your feet from getting wet since water cannot flow inside through evelets.

Although most high-quality and modern hiking boots contain this characteristic, you also need to check it carefully in order to keep yourself away from the fake products.

  2. Anti-slip

Most producers use rubber to make hiking boots’ soles. One reason is that these antifriction devices are much sturdier and less elastic than other ordinary running shoes. However, they are more comfortable and resilient, compared to protective shoes.

Hiking boots have to fulfill all requirements about durability, whereas other shoes do not strongly focus on these criteria because the producing cost is extremely high.

The hiking boots’ soles are usually durable. Also, they are not worn out frequently like other sports shoes. Backpacking offers many activities you have to move within a long time. Therefore, durability is very necessary when joining in this kind of traveling.

3. The Inside Lining

Most hiking boots include more than one lining layer inside. They are usually thick and comfortable. It brings the cozy feelings to the users. Nonetheless, each kind of shoes contains a separate inside lining.

This difference totally depends on climate, temperature and users’ gender. Realizing the difference can help you choose your best items much quickly and easily. It will perfectly protect your feet from getting hurt and dangerous injuries. You can have a look at the best hiking boots for men and women comparison to know more differences between two kinds of shoes.

In common, people usually take the comfortable feelings and elasticity into consideration whenever choosing hiking boots. The best ones need to perfectly fit your feet. They are not too tight. Also, the thickness and elasticity of inside lining can support your flexibility even if you choose the loose-fitting ones. It must be adjustable easily depending on the feet and ankle’s movement, and then reduce friction to prevent your feet from being hurt.

 4. Bondage boots or Chelsea boots

Hiking boots usually have 3 different sizes:

  • Low cut: This kind usually maximizes your coziness and brings you flexibility. However, when taking part in some sports consuming a huge energy such as running, jumping, your heels can likely slip out of the shoes. This instance can occur in case you have to carry the heavy backpacks and wear too large shoes.


  • Mid cut: This is the most favorable option for users. One reason is that it minimizes all weaknesses of low cut hiking boots. It can totally protect your feet from dirt, land, sand, water and mud. Also, it reduces the severe sprain of the ankle when walking on the rough terrain. Mid cut shoes are usually suitable for the long day and adventurous trips when you have to carry the bulky backpacks.
  • High cut: This is the optimal choice for amateurs. They want to join in the long and hard journey with heavy backpacks. During these trips, they have to deal with their extremely heavy backpacks and cross the muddy, wet and rough roads. However, high cut shoes also reduce the flexibility of your ankles

 5. Which Hiking Boots’ Size is the Best for Climbing?

The best advice is that you should choose the size bigger from 0.5 to 1 than your ordinary size. Climbing is the activity which requires an enormous strength. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to reduce the energy spending on movements as much as possible.

 6. Is It Possible to Wear the Ordinary Boots When Climbing?

The answer is that you definitely can use them. One famous quote is that “Keep going and you can finally find your destination”. Hiking boots or clothes, other specialized outdoor techniques can make us feel more comfortable, easier and safer when conquering all difficult journeys, roads or landmarks.

It cannot decide whether we will succeed or not. It totally depends on each person’s passion, ability, and will. Some people need prepare many things and stuff for their journey but they always give up easily. In contrast, some people can reach their target one by one with their own hands. Porter is a good example. However, it is just a subjective opinion.

For all amateurs who are just the beginners when joining in backpacking, the most useful advice is equipping all necessary things. They can partly ensure that your trips will succeed in the future.

With all tips above, hope that you can know exactly the way to choose ideal hiking boots for yourself. Whether you are a fan of adventurous journeys or not, the suitable shoes always play an important role to make your trips more interesting, safe and memorable. Actually, investing in the best hiking boots is worth for you taking into consideration.

In the long term, they are the best friends preventing you from getting hurt or severe injuries. In addition to, these items also protect you from the sudden change in weather, climate and different terrains. With a great pair of hiking boots, long day and adventurous journeys do not make you worried. And then, a great trip must be yours.

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October 2016



Guidelines And Tips For Buying Walking Shoes

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pexels-photo-110219How can you practice running without a good pair of walking shoes? Walking shoes are the most essential items in your equipment package. A good pair of walking shoes not only improves your movement and performance but also supports the health of your feet. Now you see how important it is when choosing a pair of walking shoes.

This article provides you the guidelines for choosing the most fitted shoes for walking. There are also recommendations for the best walking shoes. However, a high ranked pair of walking shoes is not exactly suitable for everyone. Walking shoes are chosen based on owner’s references.

In the past, there is not pretty much that many brands of walking for considering when buying a new pair of walking shoes. Converse had been all the way up to the top choice of customers for many years. However, nowadays, there are tons of new brands which can offer you high quality and reasonable price for a pair of walking shoes.

A good pair of walking shoes should have reasonable level of quality. There are cheap walking shoes at lower segmentation. Nevertheless, you pay for what you have. A low quality pair of shoes is not preferable for trainers.

Shoes Qualities

There are all about quality and customization when choosing a suitable pair of walking shoes. There are three important qualities that every pair of shoes should be able to provide you regardless brands. They are flexible, stability as well as undercut heel.

Flexibility: Even though walking is not considered as heavily physical activity, your feet still makes a lot of movement while walking. A good pair of shoes should be able to bend as you first touch the ground with your heel and roll to toes in every step. Shoes which are flexible to twist will support your rolling from toe to heel. Without a proper pair of flexible shoes, you might have to face serious foot problems. As a result, your feet can be related to numb toes or shin splints.

Stability: You can not know if a pair of shoes is flat or not from its appearance. Flat shoes are not visible from outside. The term flat here relates to the condition of the base from heel to toe. However, you can easily check how flat is your shoes by looking inside the shoes and calculation the drop of the shoes from toe to heel. An ideal pair of shoes which is perfectly flat has zero heel drop. While you should not buy shoes which have more than 8 millimeters of heel drop. Shoes with less than heel drop of 8 millimeters are believed to shape your feet better.

Undercut heel: Heel is a crucial important part of walking shoes. It defines how well your walking shoes is. Flared heel is a better option for running shoes than walking shoes. Running is more physical intensive and runners seek for more stability while flared heel is considered to be more stable than undercut heel. Flared heel is needed for walking if you have to walk on hard or uncommon surface.

Arch Typesbaby-1178539_1280

As a pair of shoes should have customized shape for yourself since everyone has different types of arches. You should define what kind of feet you have before buying shoes, whether your feet is flat, high-arched or neutral. Literally, arch type is the shape and curve of your feet from two points between your toes and heel. The arch of your feet fully absorbs the weight of your body when moving.

High-arched feet: You can take foot print test to define your arch type. If the result of the footprint test represents inward curve, you perhaps have high-arched feet. As a result, the middle part of your feet is skinner compared to others. In addition, you tend to roll outward while walking, which is classified as supinated or under pronated walker. In order to eliminate the limits of high-arched feet, you need to have cushioned walking shoes. Shoes which are cushioned and flexible and have soft midsole can defeat shocks pressing your feet.

Normal-arch feet: If the curve of your footprint is around ¾ inch inward, you have normal type of arch. This is the most common type of foot and also the easiest foot type to choose shoes. Normal-arched feet is more stable and does not require particular features of shoes. All you need to do is to find a pair of shoes counteracts and outfits your foot type. In general, you have more choices when choosing shoes than other as there is no need for cushioned or flexible shoes. However, do not pick shoes made for high-arched feet as well as stable and motion controlled shoes.

Low-arched feet: Except for the two mentioned type, you have low arch feet if you cannot see any curve from your foot toe to your foot heel. It is totally a flat shape, which looks like foot-shaped blob. Inversion with high-arched feet, people with low arch type tend to roll inward while walking. As the result, you should have a pair of shoes which can give you more stabilization. Shoes for low arch type of feet are usually categorized under ‘motion control’ and ‘stability’ tags.

Tips for buying walking shoes

Try to shop for your shoes in the evening instead of the morning. The reason why is that your feet are in its biggest size in the morning. In order to find well-fit shoes, you should try them on in the evening. Otherwise, there will be differences in size if you buy fitted shoes for shoes tried in the morning and wear them in the evening.

Seek for breathable and lightweight shoes. Lightweight shoes smoothen the movement of your feet without bordering heavy effects. Your feet will be in better health condition if you have a pair of shoes that is breathable, especially during summer and hot weather.

Keep space for your toe box. An ideal pair of shoes is not only well fitted your foot size and shape but also remember to give a space of 0.5 inches for the area from your toe to the end of the shoes.



October 2016



3 Simple Methods To Relax Your Tired Feet

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Tiring feet is one of the most annoying things which no one want to be suffered from. However, as feet is one of the most active and stressful part in your body, your feet is tired doubtlessly. Especially, people who usually have to stand a long time for work such as cashier, waiter or athletes. In addition, the more usually women wear high heels, the more likely their feet is tiring.

Treating your feet well also reduce the risks of having feet problems. Diseases such as blister, fungus infection or corns and calluses can be prevented by relaxing and smoothening your feet. Here are three different methods which can be used as a treatment to relax your feet:

1. Feet ‘meditation’

You should do this method one or two time a week or as much as you wish. The process will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes including preparation time. Basically, you can pour warm water into a basin and let your feet rest there for about 15 minutes. Do not use too hot water which badly affects your blood flowing whereas cold water does not have any effective affect towards your treatment.

For more intensive relax, you should add on sea salt into the water. Another option for additional element is foot soap which ix extracted from herbal plants. The treatment can reduce your painful and tiring feeling as well as tense your muscles. 15 to 20 minutes is the best period of time you should soak your feet into the water because after 20 minutes the water will have negative effects on your feet skin.

2. Foot Massage Technique

There is reason to do foot massage if you want to calm your fete down after a long and hard day. The thing here is that you should learn to do the technique in right way so you can receive the most effective result. You can try different massage oil to raise the possibilities of better result.

First start with a gentle massage to the bottom area of your feet slowly. For the tender or sore area, you can use stronger massage. Next, bend your toes back and forwards to stretch out toes’ bones with considerably strength. Do not forced your toes to be bended as it is painful and harmful for your toes. Then do the same movement toe by toe. Finally, tenderly massage the lower part of your feet. This part is usually where carries the most weight and stress of your whole body.

3. Using wooden roller

Wooden roller is very flexible and easy to be carried along. You could have one in the office to relax your feet in between office working. A wooden roller can be simply found in any drug stores. The technique is quite simple, you just place the wooden roller in the ground and start moving your feet back and forth for about 10 minutes. You can do it as many times as possible whenever you are free. This treatment is somehow the same with massage technique. Moreover, wooden material is also believed to be better for our health than plastic or metal materials.



October 2016



10 Common Foot Problems – Part 2

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Continuing study about common foot problems that people usually experience. Here are the next following five frequent diseases: blisters, gout, ingrowing toenails, diabetes and plantar warts.


Blister may occur to both men and women. However, it is more likely to happen with women who usually wear high heels. The problem is caused by wrong fitting shoes. As a result, to avoid having blister problem, wear shoes that fit you well. Blister happens in small area of your feet’s skin in which interferes the most with part of the shoes. If you have blister in your feet, it will be very painful and hard to walk or run. As you have blister, change to another suitable shoes and start take care steps to remove blister from your feet. You may clean the area, drain and cover it with a pad in order to protect hat vulnerable skin are.


A research shows that 1 in 200 people is affected by gout. This problem often happens for mid age people and rather men than woman. When uric acid (UA) amount is higher in your body, it lead to the formation of small crystals. These crystals cause irritations and inflammation. As a result, you are affected and suffered severe pain. You can recognize the problem by seeing the joining of big toes and feeling painful when walking. There are drugs to control uric acid amount in your body, which helps to prevent the problem. Aside from drug, you should care of your eating habits, keep it healthy, use substances like vitamin C as well as avoid alcohol drinks.

Ingrowing toenail

When your toenail does not grow normally outside towards and you have toenail grows into your skin, that’s ingrowing toenail problem. This problem make you feel extremely painful and inflamed. In worse case, skin area affected by ingrowing toenail may also bleed. Bigger toenails are more likely to grow inwards than others. It happens because you wear too tight socks or cut your toenails in wrong way. Straight cutting or too short cutting make your toenails grow in opposite direction. This problem could be very serious and you may need surgery to fix it if you do not treat it properly. To prevent the problem, learn to cut your nails straight across and not too short as well as keep good hygiene for your feet and socks.



Diabetes happens when the level of blood glucose is too high in your body. Correspondingly, the nerve systems can not get important message from and to your brain. Moreover, it also affects your blood vessels. This disease is likely to occur to relatives who share same genes system. If your close relatives have this problem, you are also in high risk of having diabetes. This problem affects your feet in several ways: loss of sensation, occasional pain, weak ability to fight against bacteria, etc. After 7 or 10 year of having diabetes problem, your feet will start losing the feeling and it becomes worse year by year. Maintaining healthy diet to control blood glucose level is the only way to keep your feet protected from diabetes.

Plantar warts

Infection of plantar warts is that there are tough area in your feet’s skin. As the skin is affected and vulnerable, virus can enter your body though affected skin of your feet. You can use salicylic acid to remove the warts since it may cause pain sometimes. There are also various treatments which is effective to red it of the warts such as laser therapy or burning.



October 2016



10 Common Foot Problems – Part 1

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Your feet is where the whole stress of your body stands on. Moreover, everyday you stand, walk and run with your feet, it actually carries tons of forces at the same time. As a result, your feet is easy to face risks of diseases. This is five most common foot problems including fungal nail infection, athlete’s foot, bunion, hammertoes and corns and calluses.

Fungal nail infection

Be careful when your nail is cracked or broken, there will be chance for tiny fungi get inside and cause infection. As a result, your nail will be thick as well as discolored. To prevent the problem from being worse, you should have particular cream on your nails. On the other hand, if your feet is constantly being sweaty, fungus will have the best condition to start to live and grow there. One simple mistake that people usually make which lead to fungal infection is to put lotion or cream in the area between two toes. In the worst situation, go and see a doctor for antifungal pills or surgery.

Athlete’s foot

There is another way to call athlete’s foot problem: tinea pedis. This type of problem results skin’s affects such as white, scaly as well as red base. The skin areas where are most likely to be inflamed are the bottom of the feet and between toes. Athlete’s foot appears if your feet is under circumstances of dark, warm environment. For example, the problem will happen if you keep wearing one pair of socks for a long time or your feet interferes with dirty water for a long period. Athlete’s foot problem may make you feel aching, peeling and also spread the infection to other parts of your body. So be careful and take proper action as soon as you identify any signs of the problem. There are creams and sprays to treat the problem. However, you are advised to see a podiatrist for proper ways of treatment.



Bunion likely to happens to women who usually wear high heels for a long time. In your biggest toe, you many notice a bony pump in the base. Normally, this bony pump is aligned well throughout. If you have bunion problem, you will see this bony pump is bigger and towards outside. Because your foot bones is now affected and forced to change shape, it will be really painful for people having bunion problem. For solutions, you can take pain relief or use special pads inserting to your shoes. If you are seriously facing bunion problem, you may have to take surgery to shape your feet back to normal. Experts suggest you not to wear high heels fro more than 4 hours, let your feet have a rest.


Hammertoes problem has bad influences on your second, third and fourth toe. As suggested by the name, your toes will be bended or shaped in an angel which look like a hammer. A study shows that hammertoes caused by wearing wrong fitting shoes, especially too tight shoes. As your toes’ bones are also changed and bended, you may have to take surgery in some cases. For early infection, you can use pads to reshape your toes. However, hammertoes is very dangerous because it may also lead to corns and calluses.

Corns and calluses

This type of problem is happened when part of your feet or your feet’s skin is under high pressure. Constantly pressures on same are can make your skin become thicker and dead. Corn looks like a point which has cone shape in your skin. Whereas, calluses influences in bigger areas, usually in area in the bottom of your feet. To remove these infections, you can use patches, , moleskin or medication.



October 2016



Why Your Feet Need To Be Healthy, Strong and Happy

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Few people know that, if we wear a pair of high heels with the height over 5 cm, the body weight that occurs on the leg may increase 7 times.

The women’s feet have become the subject of a lot of deep researches. According to a recent survey in London, almost half of the men look right at the feet of a woman when they meet her for the first time and this can become one of the factors to analyze her personality.

According to the results of a survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), there is no surprise that more than 84% of American women have the habit of feeling ashamed of their feet in some time.

Troubles that can appear with our feet:


When women wear high heels too much and suffer for a long time, it can change the tilt of the forefoot, make it more sloping than the other toes and cause swelling, joint pain. Tight shoes can make the toes be pressed, cause ache.

High heels can really cause many foot pain situations. If you wear high heels with the height of more than 5 cm, it will increase the pressure on the feet 7 times. So, a woman with an average 54-70 kg in weight wearing more than 5cm high heels will cause pressure equivalent to about 300-360kg onto feet. So, the feeling of pain is inevitable.

Fungus foot

Your foot can easily have fungal infections, with many manifestations such as dry skin, itchy feet. It can be prevented by washing feet daily and dry carefully the toes. Foot odor caused by excessive foot perspiration can also be improved by foot washing and change your socks as well as your shoes regularly.


Deformed toes

Your toes can easily be curved and hunched, usually caused by shoes that are too tight.

Harden foot

Having callous toes is always caused by rubbing between the skin and the shoes. It can cause discomfort, but this special cushion layer can also help protect your skin from being painful.


This condition is caused by a virus, which is usually harmless and easily removed. You should avoid walking on barefoot that can help you prevent warts.

Ingrown toenails

This problem can appear when you cut the toenails properly (do not cut straight) or wearing tight shoes. Yeast infection condition can also lead to ingrown toenails situation.

In order to avoid these foot problems as above, you can implement the following measures:

– Don’t be subjective when you have leg pain. Try to find causes and make an effort to restrain it.

-Wash your feet regularly and wipe dry thoroughly, especially between the toes

-Choose the matching shoes, with the right size. Avoid shoes that have a fragile base because it can’t support the foot as well as don’t wear high heels with a height of more than 5 cm.

-Limit the time wearing your high-heeled shoes and replaced them with flat shoes, which is more comfortable. Women need to know that their foot size and shape can change over time as well as change together with their weight.