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October 2016



10 Common Foot Problems – Part 1

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Your feet is where the whole stress of your body stands on. Moreover, everyday you stand, walk and run with your feet, it actually carries tons of forces at the same time. As a result, your feet is easy to face risks of diseases. This is five most common foot problems including fungal nail infection, athlete’s foot, bunion, hammertoes and corns and calluses.

Fungal nail infection

Be careful when your nail is cracked or broken, there will be chance for tiny fungi get inside and cause infection. As a result, your nail will be thick as well as discolored. To prevent the problem from being worse, you should have particular cream on your nails. On the other hand, if your feet is constantly being sweaty, fungus will have the best condition to start to live and grow there. One simple mistake that people usually make which lead to fungal infection is to put lotion or cream in the area between two toes. In the worst situation, go and see a doctor for antifungal pills or surgery.

Athlete’s foot

There is another way to call athlete’s foot problem: tinea pedis. This type of problem results skin’s affects such as white, scaly as well as red base. The skin areas where are most likely to be inflamed are the bottom of the feet and between toes. Athlete’s foot appears if your feet is under circumstances of dark, warm environment. For example, the problem will happen if you keep wearing one pair of socks for a long time or your feet interferes with dirty water for a long period. Athlete’s foot problem may make you feel aching, peeling and also spread the infection to other parts of your body. So be careful and take proper action as soon as you identify any signs of the problem. There are creams and sprays to treat the problem. However, you are advised to see a podiatrist for proper ways of treatment.



Bunion likely to happens to women who usually wear high heels for a long time. In your biggest toe, you many notice a bony pump in the base. Normally, this bony pump is aligned well throughout. If you have bunion problem, you will see this bony pump is bigger and towards outside. Because your foot bones is now affected and forced to change shape, it will be really painful for people having bunion problem. For solutions, you can take pain relief or use special pads inserting to your shoes. If you are seriously facing bunion problem, you may have to take surgery to shape your feet back to normal. Experts suggest you not to wear high heels fro more than 4 hours, let your feet have a rest.


Hammertoes problem has bad influences on your second, third and fourth toe. As suggested by the name, your toes will be bended or shaped in an angel which look like a hammer. A study shows that hammertoes caused by wearing wrong fitting shoes, especially too tight shoes. As your toes’ bones are also changed and bended, you may have to take surgery in some cases. For early infection, you can use pads to reshape your toes. However, hammertoes is very dangerous because it may also lead to corns and calluses.

Corns and calluses

This type of problem is happened when part of your feet or your feet’s skin is under high pressure. Constantly pressures on same are can make your skin become thicker and dead. Corn looks like a point which has cone shape in your skin. Whereas, calluses influences in bigger areas, usually in area in the bottom of your feet. To remove these infections, you can use patches, , moleskin or medication.