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October 2016



10 Common Foot Problems – Part 2

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Continuing study about common foot problems that people usually experience. Here are the next following five frequent diseases: blisters, gout, ingrowing toenails, diabetes and plantar warts.


Blister may occur to both men and women. However, it is more likely to happen with women who usually wear high heels. The problem is caused by wrong fitting shoes. As a result, to avoid having blister problem, wear shoes that fit you well. Blister happens in small area of your feet’s skin in which interferes the most with part of the shoes. If you have blister in your feet, it will be very painful and hard to walk or run. As you have blister, change to another suitable shoes and start take care steps to remove blister from your feet. You may clean the area, drain and cover it with a pad in order to protect hat vulnerable skin are.


A research shows that 1 in 200 people is affected by gout. This problem often happens for mid age people and rather men than woman. When uric acid (UA) amount is higher in your body, it lead to the formation of small crystals. These crystals cause irritations and inflammation. As a result, you are affected and suffered severe pain. You can recognize the problem by seeing the joining of big toes and feeling painful when walking. There are drugs to control uric acid amount in your body, which helps to prevent the problem. Aside from drug, you should care of your eating habits, keep it healthy, use substances like vitamin C as well as avoid alcohol drinks.

Ingrowing toenail

When your toenail does not grow normally outside towards and you have toenail grows into your skin, that’s ingrowing toenail problem. This problem make you feel extremely painful and inflamed. In worse case, skin area affected by ingrowing toenail may also bleed. Bigger toenails are more likely to grow inwards than others. It happens because you wear too tight socks or cut your toenails in wrong way. Straight cutting or too short cutting make your toenails grow in opposite direction. This problem could be very serious and you may need surgery to fix it if you do not treat it properly. To prevent the problem, learn to cut your nails straight across and not too short as well as keep good hygiene for your feet and socks.



Diabetes happens when the level of blood glucose is too high in your body. Correspondingly, the nerve systems can not get important message from and to your brain. Moreover, it also affects your blood vessels. This disease is likely to occur to relatives who share same genes system. If your close relatives have this problem, you are also in high risk of having diabetes. This problem affects your feet in several ways: loss of sensation, occasional pain, weak ability to fight against bacteria, etc. After 7 or 10 year of having diabetes problem, your feet will start losing the feeling and it becomes worse year by year. Maintaining healthy diet to control blood glucose level is the only way to keep your feet protected from diabetes.

Plantar warts

Infection of plantar warts is that there are tough area in your feet’s skin. As the skin is affected and vulnerable, virus can enter your body though affected skin of your feet. You can use salicylic acid to remove the warts since it may cause pain sometimes. There are also various treatments which is effective to red it of the warts such as laser therapy or burning.