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October 2016



3 Simple Methods To Relax Your Tired Feet

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Tiring feet is one of the most annoying things which no one want to be suffered from. However, as feet is one of the most active and stressful part in your body, your feet is tired doubtlessly. Especially, people who usually have to stand a long time for work such as cashier, waiter or athletes. In addition, the more usually women wear high heels, the more likely their feet is tiring.

Treating your feet well also reduce the risks of having feet problems. Diseases such as blister, fungus infection or corns and calluses can be prevented by relaxing and smoothening your feet. Here are three different methods which can be used as a treatment to relax your feet:

1. Feet ‘meditation’

You should do this method one or two time a week or as much as you wish. The process will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes including preparation time. Basically, you can pour warm water into a basin and let your feet rest there for about 15 minutes. Do not use too hot water which badly affects your blood flowing whereas cold water does not have any effective affect towards your treatment.

For more intensive relax, you should add on sea salt into the water. Another option for additional element is foot soap which ix extracted from herbal plants. The treatment can reduce your painful and tiring feeling as well as tense your muscles. 15 to 20 minutes is the best period of time you should soak your feet into the water because after 20 minutes the water will have negative effects on your feet skin.

2. Foot Massage Technique

There is reason to do foot massage if you want to calm your fete down after a long and hard day. The thing here is that you should learn to do the technique in right way so you can receive the most effective result. You can try different massage oil to raise the possibilities of better result.

First start with a gentle massage to the bottom area of your feet slowly. For the tender or sore area, you can use stronger massage. Next, bend your toes back and forwards to stretch out toes’ bones with considerably strength. Do not forced your toes to be bended as it is painful and harmful for your toes. Then do the same movement toe by toe. Finally, tenderly massage the lower part of your feet. This part is usually where carries the most weight and stress of your whole body.

3. Using wooden roller

Wooden roller is very flexible and easy to be carried along. You could have one in the office to relax your feet in between office working. A wooden roller can be simply found in any drug stores. The technique is quite simple, you just place the wooden roller in the ground and start moving your feet back and forth for about 10 minutes. You can do it as many times as possible whenever you are free. This treatment is somehow the same with massage technique. Moreover, wooden material is also believed to be better for our health than plastic or metal materials.