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October 2016



Why Your Feet Need To Be Healthy, Strong and Happy

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Few people know that, if we wear a pair of high heels with the height over 5 cm, the body weight that occurs on the leg may increase 7 times.

The women’s feet have become the subject of a lot of deep researches. According to a recent survey in London, almost half of the men look right at the feet of a woman when they meet her for the first time and this can become one of the factors to analyze her personality.

According to the results of a survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), there is no surprise that more than 84% of American women have the habit of feeling ashamed of their feet in some time.

Troubles that can appear with our feet:


When women wear high heels too much and suffer for a long time, it can change the tilt of the forefoot, make it more sloping than the other toes and cause swelling, joint pain. Tight shoes can make the toes be pressed, cause ache.

High heels can really cause many foot pain situations. If you wear high heels with the height of more than 5 cm, it will increase the pressure on the feet 7 times. So, a woman with an average 54-70 kg in weight wearing more than 5cm high heels will cause pressure equivalent to about 300-360kg onto feet. So, the feeling of pain is inevitable.

Fungus foot

Your foot can easily have fungal infections, with many manifestations such as dry skin, itchy feet. It can be prevented by washing feet daily and dry carefully the toes. Foot odor caused by excessive foot perspiration can also be improved by foot washing and change your socks as well as your shoes regularly.


Deformed toes

Your toes can easily be curved and hunched, usually caused by shoes that are too tight.

Harden foot

Having callous toes is always caused by rubbing between the skin and the shoes. It can cause discomfort, but this special cushion layer can also help protect your skin from being painful.


This condition is caused by a virus, which is usually harmless and easily removed. You should avoid walking on barefoot that can help you prevent warts.

Ingrown toenails

This problem can appear when you cut the toenails properly (do not cut straight) or wearing tight shoes. Yeast infection condition can also lead to ingrown toenails situation.

In order to avoid these foot problems as above, you can implement the following measures:

– Don’t be subjective when you have leg pain. Try to find causes and make an effort to restrain it.

-Wash your feet regularly and wipe dry thoroughly, especially between the toes

-Choose the matching shoes, with the right size. Avoid shoes that have a fragile base because it can’t support the foot as well as don’t wear high heels with a height of more than 5 cm.

-Limit the time wearing your high-heeled shoes and replaced them with flat shoes, which is more comfortable. Women need to know that their foot size and shape can change over time as well as change together with their weight.