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February 2017



How to choose great hiking boots?

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There are many kinds of hiking boots, varied in forms, styles, and functions. People use each kind for different purposes. In common, they have the same structure and fundamental parts. The only difference among them is their characteristics.

In order to choose your best-hiking boots, there are some important things you need to take note. They can be the great tips not only when choosing hiking boots, but it is also suitable for purchasing other ordinary ones.

1. Waterproof

One possible way for checking whether your pair of shoes is the waterproof one or not is looking at its tongues (the pads covering the foot in the middle of two places). If it does not closely link to the vamp, these shoes are definitely not the water-resistant ones.

In contrast, people may likely use the special technology to make them waterproof. This design is a requirement of these shoes. It aims at preventing your feet from getting wet since water cannot flow inside through evelets.

Although most high-quality and modern hiking boots contain this characteristic, you also need to check it carefully in order to keep yourself away from the fake products.

  2. Anti-slip

Most producers use rubber to make hiking boots’ soles. One reason is that these antifriction devices are much sturdier and less elastic than other ordinary running shoes. However, they are more comfortable and resilient, compared to protective shoes.

Hiking boots have to fulfill all requirements about durability, whereas other shoes do not strongly focus on these criteria because the producing cost is extremely high.

The hiking boots’ soles are usually durable. Also, they are not worn out frequently like other sports shoes. Backpacking offers many activities you have to move within a long time. Therefore, durability is very necessary when joining in this kind of traveling.

3. The Inside Lining

Most hiking boots include more than one lining layer inside. They are usually thick and comfortable. It brings the cozy feelings to the users. Nonetheless, each kind of shoes contains a separate inside lining.

This difference totally depends on climate, temperature and users’ gender. Realizing the difference can help you choose your best items much quickly and easily. It will perfectly protect your feet from getting hurt and dangerous injuries. You can have a look at the best hiking boots for men and women comparison to know more differences between two kinds of shoes.

In common, people usually take the comfortable feelings and elasticity into consideration whenever choosing hiking boots. The best ones need to perfectly fit your feet. They are not too tight. Also, the thickness and elasticity of inside lining can support your flexibility even if you choose the loose-fitting ones. It must be adjustable easily depending on the feet and ankle’s movement, and then reduce friction to prevent your feet from being hurt.

 4. Bondage boots or Chelsea boots

Hiking boots usually have 3 different sizes:

  • Low cut: This kind usually maximizes your coziness and brings you flexibility. However, when taking part in some sports consuming a huge energy such as running, jumping, your heels can likely slip out of the shoes. This instance can occur in case you have to carry the heavy backpacks and wear too large shoes.


  • Mid cut: This is the most favorable option for users. One reason is that it minimizes all weaknesses of low cut hiking boots. It can totally protect your feet from dirt, land, sand, water and mud. Also, it reduces the severe sprain of the ankle when walking on the rough terrain. Mid cut shoes are usually suitable for the long day and adventurous trips when you have to carry the bulky backpacks.
  • High cut: This is the optimal choice for amateurs. They want to join in the long and hard journey with heavy backpacks. During these trips, they have to deal with their extremely heavy backpacks and cross the muddy, wet and rough roads. However, high cut shoes also reduce the flexibility of your ankles

 5. Which Hiking Boots’ Size is the Best for Climbing?

The best advice is that you should choose the size bigger from 0.5 to 1 than your ordinary size. Climbing is the activity which requires an enormous strength. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to reduce the energy spending on movements as much as possible.

 6. Is It Possible to Wear the Ordinary Boots When Climbing?

The answer is that you definitely can use them. One famous quote is that “Keep going and you can finally find your destination”. Hiking boots or clothes, other specialized outdoor techniques can make us feel more comfortable, easier and safer when conquering all difficult journeys, roads or landmarks.

It cannot decide whether we will succeed or not. It totally depends on each person’s passion, ability, and will. Some people need prepare many things and stuff for their journey but they always give up easily. In contrast, some people can reach their target one by one with their own hands. Porter is a good example. However, it is just a subjective opinion.

For all amateurs who are just the beginners when joining in backpacking, the most useful advice is equipping all necessary things. They can partly ensure that your trips will succeed in the future.

With all tips above, hope that you can know exactly the way to choose ideal hiking boots for yourself. Whether you are a fan of adventurous journeys or not, the suitable shoes always play an important role to make your trips more interesting, safe and memorable. Actually, investing in the best hiking boots is worth for you taking into consideration.

In the long term, they are the best friends preventing you from getting hurt or severe injuries. In addition to, these items also protect you from the sudden change in weather, climate and different terrains. With a great pair of hiking boots, long day and adventurous journeys do not make you worried. And then, a great trip must be yours.

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